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Data Science for Fresh Graduates

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The first of prominent benefits of Python in data science is its simplicity. While some data scientists come from a computer science background or know other programming languages, many come from backgrounds in commerce, statistics, mathematics, or other technical fields and may not have as much coding experience when they enter the field of data science. Where the Python plays its role as its syntax is easy to follow and write, which makes it a simple programming language to get started with and learn and grow quickly. 

Python is an open source language, meaning the language is open to the public and freely available. This also increases acceptability of that language.

Why Python for Freshers ?

Python is the most popular programming language for data science. If you’re looking for a new job as a data scientist, you’ll find that Python is also required in most job postings for data science roles. Recently a study reveals that Python appears in nearly 75% of all job postings in Data science. Python libraries including Tensorflow, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Keras, Pytorch, and Numpy also appear in many data science job postings.

Data science is a vast filed in which data cleaning , data analysis and data visualization plays important functioning roles.There are numerous libraries available for these purposes . This made python a popular language in this area.Some of them are

Numpy Numerical Python is called Numpy and is used for many numerical calculations like matrices in data science and for data cleaning in data science.

Pandas –  This is a library used for complex  numerical calculations and it receives Data frames for functioning as arguments. Data analysis and data missing is find in this module and is very useful for large volume of data processing. So this is also a very useful library in Python.

Scipy Scientific Python is called Scipy tool kit and is used in scientific applications. This is very useful for scientists to take and manipulate data with sin, cosine values.

Matplotlib Used for Data visualization and is used in drawing charts like  line charts, bar charts and scatterplots. So this is also inevitable library for Python.

Libraries of Python

All these libraries are extending day by day and new libraries are added to the Python is also making this language a wonderful. A person who want to work in Data science  should be aware of these libraries for their working so it is very clear that Python is a fast developing language.

In addition to all of the general data manipulation libraries available in Python, a major advantage of Python in data science is the availability of powerful machine learning libraries. These machine learning libraries make data scientists’ lives easier by providing robust, open source libraries for any machine learning algorithm desired. These libraries offer simplicity without sacrificing performance. You can easily build a powerful and accurate neural network using these frameworks.

 Some of the most popular machine learning and deep learning libraries in Python include:

Tensorflow: Tensorflow is a high-level library for building neural networks. Since it was mostly written in C++, this library provides us with the simplicity of Python without sacrificing power and performance. However, working with raw Tensorflow is not suited for beginners.

Keras: Keras is a popular high-level API that acts as an interface for the Tensorflow library. It’s a tool for building neural networks using a Tensorflow backend that’s extremely user friendly and easy to get started with.


Any Graduate can become Data Science Professional

Python is designed in simple way so that any personal who does not have coding background can learn and use Python

It is an open source free language.This feature also makes Python attractive.

Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Matplotlib , Tensorflow and Keras are main libraries in Python

About 75% companies are using Python for their Data operations (cleaning,analysis and visualisation)

Python Jobs

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