Quote for the day ! Mistakes are a fact of life.It is the response to the error that counts.
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My name is Sindhu K G ,

a Blogger and a Motivator ,

trying to make a new community of developing 100,000 data science professionals

by providing them Python Programming for free using this energetic and dynamic

medium of blogs  and online training.

From Hobby to Passion

Since 2018 ,

  • I was eager to read blogs in the internet in various topics and was interested to write.


  • But by profession I am a novice in this area , trying to study how to write interested and meaningful blogs for the people especially in Marketing.


  • I would like to grow into a professional blogger who earns for their life by writing blogs useful for life.


  • Now my mission is to develop a community of 100,000 Data Science Professionals for the next 5 years  by providing Python training for them completely free and thus I can serve the society better.


  • If you are such a person who is suffering badly without job, after your graduation, don’t hesitate to use my whats app number 9074372446 so that I can help you.




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